What if we could responsibly rehome more pets faster by generating more adoption applications with ease?

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Why use adopets?

There’s a reason we’ve been able to work with shelters and rescues to place hundreds of happy pets…

  • Easily update and share pets that are currently available
  • Streamline communications, applications and payment
  • Access all adoption information through a simple-to-navigate dashboard
  • Assign volunteers to specific locations and/or pets
  • Use reports and metrics to track applications

See what people are saying…

It's my new meditation. Scrolling through pictures of adorable critters. Wish I could adopt them all. This will make the process a lot easier (and more fun for users)

Janine D. - California Rescuer

We think your platform is really cool, cutting edge and could make everyone's lives easier.

Mary C. - Texas Rescuer

This is coming along nicely. I really like the application part. I have not seen that on other applications.

Melissa M. - Massachusetts Rescuer